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  Team Building

Effective communication within teams can mean the difference between a good organisation and a great organisation. We can provide a range of events and activities to enhance and maximise the effectiveness of your teams, whether they are co-located or geographically dispersed.

Starting with a comprehensive assessment of the teams’ performance through in-depth research and feedback from key stakeholders, we can begin to build up a pattern of behaviour and team performance. Using a range of self-assessment questionnaires and 360 feedback models, we can begin to identify areas of strength and improvement to create a team action plan.

Working with the individuals within the team we can develop an interactive mental and / or physical bespoke event to highlight the key developmental areas and encourage open, honest feedback within the team. We can work in partnership with our associates to create specialist team build events in the outdoors or in comfortable hotel settings anywhere in the country. These events can last anything from one to three days, and can focus on areas such as:

  • Creating a common team vision and mission statement

  • Conflict resolution within / outside the team

  • Identification and clarification of team roles and responsibilities

  • Developing an ongoing action plan for the coming year / long term

  • Identification of team culture

  • Creation and agreement on business performance measures

  • Creation and agreement on individual performance measures

  • Breaking down team barriers and creating effective communication processes

  • Joint problem solving within the team

  • Creating positive relationships within the team

  • Developing positive relationships with key stakeholders inside and outside the organisation

  • Having fun, getting to know each other and creating a shared experience