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An individual, tailored approach to identifying your personality / and or working profile & preferences utilising a variety of tools and techniques.

Sessions typically involve an initial consultation and identification of appropriate tools, depending on your requirement and outcomes.

Relevant profiling tools and techniques will then be selected and will be competed by the individual at their own pace and timing.

The competed questionnaires or tables are then analysed and a detailed feedback session planned. These sessions are strictly confidential and typically last somewhere between one and two hours. The result of these sessions is usually some form of development plan or action plan, and may or may not include a printed, detailed personality profile, depending on the questionnaires used.

We are accredited and licensed to a wide range of different profiling and personality questionnaires including:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

  • TMS team management Inventory

  • JoHaris window

  • Thomas International ‘DiSC’ profile

  • Honey & Mumford’s learning styles questionnaire

  • Belbin team roles questionnaire

  • Language and Behavioural Profile (Lab profile)

  • NLP Meta programmes profiling

  • British Psychology Society level A&B tests including 16PF and Firo-B