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Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP as it is more widely known was developed in the 1970s in California by two brilliant thinkers, John Grinder, a Linguist and Richard Bandler, a mathematician. What has developed since these early beginning is a diverse field of thought and research that has wide ranging applications from goal setting in the business world through to problem solving in psychological therapy and medicine.

Our key presenters and associates are fully qualified Master Practitioners of NLP and accredited trainers in their own right. Utilising their core skills, we are able to offer a fully comprehensive range of bespoke programmes to meet the needs of individuals and organisations alike. All programmes are designed and delivered in accordance with British and International standards of agreed best practice.

Options include:

  • One day introduction to NLP

  • Three day foundation programme

  • Twenty one day Practitioner programme

  • Twenty one day Master Practitioner programme

  • In-house bespoke modules according to organisational needs