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  Career & Life Planning

Start to identify your own personal support networks and be aware of the key areas of support each can provide for you.

Understand your own learning style, so you can effectively manage your development in a way that meets your needs.

Examine your career and personal successes and failure to date, and identify patterns of behaviour that support and hinder your continued growth and progression towards your goals.

Start setting realistic, achievable goals that are measured and monitored though time, highlight what these goals will bring you and how you will access the resources required to reach them.

Begin to identify barriers to your success and create useful strategies for the minimisation or abolition of these barriers. Create an ongoing action plan for the achievement of your goals and deletion of barriers as they arise.

Develop an understanding of your roles and mission in life, and look at how these link together.

Examine your core values and what is important to you, and create a deeper understanding of how these affect your day to day decision making processes.

Begin to identify your key strengths and skills gaps and develop a robust action plan for the enhancement and utilisation of each in a variety of contexts.

Start to examine your limiting beliefs and strategies for failure, and learn how to replace these with more positive enabling beliefs and strategies for success.

Create a positive, well formed action plan for your ongoing development that is achievable over a longer period of time.